What Will it Take?

Over the last two weeks we have all found our narratives. The reactions on the left and right were predictable. The left has protested, ranted, withdrawn and cried. Real tears. A large segment of our population now believes that this administration will be the downfall of our country. A rutgers professor talks about burning the American Flag and is taken to Bellevue. A teacher of holocaust studies in California asks students to compare and contrast Trump’s rise to Hitler’s and is suspended. The cast of Hamilton politely welcomes the Vice President to their performance and tells the audience not to boo then asks him to take all Americans into account in the coming years, and thanks him for attending and is lambasted for days by the president-elect for “attacking” “The Great Vice President Pence.” His words. The left sees our great nation on fire, our people in danger, and the great potential for our way of life to change quickly for the worst and is rightly outraged and devastated.

The far right has celebrated every move of the Trump administration and taunted the left for being a bunch of crybabies that lost and need to get over it. Treating the election and our nation like a reality show or a sporting event. No time for healing. Contrasting ideas and pleas for decency are seen as attacks by the administration and its followers, but what did we expect?
The third narrative comes from the middle. The Libritarians, the moderates, The GOP voters that held there nose while voting trump. Here you will hear over and over, “wait and see,” and “he’s not really going to do all that stuff.”
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they were right? Four years and we can just move on as a nation. Embarrassed, yes, but the only damage done being to our pride. What an amazing and unexpected turn of events that would be. Unexpected because the future administration is giving no signals that this will be the case.
So, what will it take?
What will it take for those in the middle to admit that this is happening?

The far right and far left had their candidates. Their votes were set for months before the election. The middle elected Trump to office. The moderates that never realized that the smoke of investigation after investigation of Clinton by republicans didn’t mean there was fire. It wasn’t even real smoke. Just hot air. The people that voted Johnson and think the world would be even closer to World War III if Clinton had been elected. The long time GOP voters that felt they were voting for a party and not a man. the progressives that stayed home. They all played their small part in this. And I ask the question again.

What will it take? What will it take for them to realize what is happening? What they’ve done?

It is incredibly hard for humans to admit they are wrong, doubly so for Americans.

So what has to happen? How bad will it have to get for America to wake up?

Trump has appointed Brannon to a newly created, highest position in his cabinet. Trump continues to tweet lies on a daily basis from his personal twitter account. He continues to slam the media and The New York Times. There is no indication at all that he is not exactly who he presents himself to be: An Authoritarian. A man that believes that the answers to all of our problems are simple and that he alone can fix them. A man who doesn’t think before he speaks yet people expect him to think before he acts. This is the man we elected. And nothing we have seen in the last two weeks has changed minds.
But he is still president-elect. The real fireworks will come in January.

Be prepared for increased surveillance of citizens. Be prepared for Dark Wars, wars we might only see on the internet and Al Jazeera because the administration will deny they are taking place. Be prepared for intolerance and hard times. Be prepared for American’s to fall in line behind this new form of government and believe the lies, because that is what got us here.

A man that has made a life of lying says, “trust me” and millions of people say, “why not?”
Why not?

I ask again what will it take? Blood? Disaster? Destruction?

How bad will it have to get?

Will it ever be bad enough for people to not only tear themselves away from the lies and misinformation, but also admit they were wrong?

Bad enough that no one would even have the heart to say “told ya so?”

That threshold exists somewhere out there in the ether of American Politics, but where? In what nightmare of a world will it get that bad?

Because “that bad” is our only hope.
Pray for the best.

Prepare for the worst.


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